Friday, March 6, 2015

Baptisms and Family History

This week we have had several people come in who have just discovered the joy of family history and finding names to bring to the temple.  We also have those that have been doing it for years and love the work and spend any free time they have on it.
   One sister spend the day with an aunt and brought in 200 names and could hardly wait to get home to find more.  Another sister came to us several months ago with some serious health complaints and hadn't been able to come to the temple for over a year because of anxiety and over stimulation.  We agreed she could wear ear plugs and bring a pillow and shawl.  She has come every week and now twice a week and is an entirely different woman.  She smiles and is so excited about findig names and bringing them to the temple.  It really is a miracle.
   Tomorrow we have the Copenhagen Stake youth coming to do baptisms in three different sessions. Many members have sent in names for them to be baptized for.  It will be a great day for souls on both side of the veil.

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