Sunday, May 17, 2015

Music and the Spoken Word

For years there has been a tradition of Sunday Night musical programs dubbed "Music and the Spoken Word."  It may have started when some super talented missionaries arrived, but now the wards can carry it themselves with exceptional talent, but they also use the talented missionaries.
  It was a delightful evening including delicious refreshments.

 They ran background pictures and silent videos with the various numbers. Freddie Christensen.
 Thomas Kofod, my favorite.
 Lis Loeve (Steffensen) Andersen  was lovely with a guitar accompaniment.

The Leit Brothers, plus new son-in-law, Troy Leininger, and Freddie Christensen. You might guess that Charlotte Leit (one of the wives) was in charge of the program.
Several wards had groups.  The missionaries made up a large portion of this group from Gladsaxe 1.
Missionaries that come with musical experience are so appreciated.

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