Sunday, May 10, 2015


We spent Friday and Saturday in Paris and enjoyed the city more than we ever have on our previous visits.  Again Brian had found a great little hotel, in the Latin Section.  We had a delightful walk to Notre Dame. The trees and blossoms were out and it was so fun to look in the windows and realize it is much the same as in Copenhage: lots of places to eat, little clothing shops, hairdressers, green -grocers, bakeries.  We tried out several of these during our stay...

 Notre Dame - Brian and Elizabeth went to the top while we tended Molly and Kate.

 Brian finally made it to the Louvre, it only took him three times in Paris to find it open.  It was a wonderful surprise when they took us to the front of the line because we had a stroller.  They really gave us special attention through the whole museum.
 We saw the famous "Winged Victory", "Mona Lisa", " Venus De Milo", but our favorite was a suggestion from our son-in-law, Randy, to see the "Code of Hamurabi"  It is the first known written laws- from the Persian/Babylonian Era.

These came from the palace of Darius, think Daniel of the Old Testament.  Fascinating.

 We did the Eiffel Tower to the Second Level..

 And had a grand finish at Laduree a famous restaurant/bakery on the Champs Elysee.
We went for their famous meringue cookies but ended up with a delightful Mother's Day lunch.

 This was just my order and it also included scrambled eggs and hot chocolate thick enough to be pudding plus fruit.
A great ending to a great trip.

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