Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ready to Go

The temple is ready for business even if the Guesthouse isn't.  We have 16 sisters coming tomorrow to stay there.  It will be interesting to see how they work it all out.  The work on the reflecting pool will take several months but inside the temple we are ready to go.
   The Frederiksberg and Roskilde Wards came for their special monthly session tonight.  We had 23, several men to help, but only one sister besides myself that is a temple worker.  We made it work, as always.
   Afterward we went to the Nitivej Chapel for a little snack.  Very nice.  Lis Andersen had made some interesting cookies: beaten egg white, ground nuts, figs, bananas and chocolate - no flour, oil or sugar.  I have come to like bread, cheese and jam together.
 Steve and Marian Clawson have come back for the summer.   She is Danish and he is American and they split their year.  Marian actually has to be in Denmark 8 months of the year to maintain her benefits I think.

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