Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Around the Neighborhood

I should have been on top of it and taken pictures of the new sidewalk as it was put in around the corner in  front of Aldi our closest grocery store....It really is as close as some people's food storage rooms.  They first pulled everything out, put in a new base of sand, laid the new big pavers and the little fill-in square stones.  They covered everything with a layer of sand that works its way down and fills in the cracks.  It is certainly nice.  Wonder how they get it so even.
Aldi is a very small store, only two aisles, but gets at least two and sometimes three big trucks delivering every day.  I wait until the truck comes in to get good bananas.
I think I really took this because I was so excited about the green on the trees.

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  1. You are cracking me up with this post. I love your little commentaries - the green on the trees, going for bananas - all things I would totally do!