Thursday, May 21, 2015


I caught this picture of them cleaning the temple windows.  They were up much higher on their cherry picker machine.    Many people here have contracts to have their windows cleaned every so often. I need someone to come and do the outside of my 4th story kitchen window. I wonder if that is in a contract somewhere.
And speaking of Windows...the internet was out at the temple for most of the afternoon.  You can imagine the frustration and concern.  We finally had to have a technician from the internet company come into the temple, under close supervision.  He did see a few of us dressed in white. Wonder what he thought about it.
    Speaking of strange thinking.  We had to ask two girls who were sitting up against the front door of the temple smoking to leave....Apparently they couldn't read the No Smoking signs around....

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  1. Speaking of windows: How do I clean the windows at the house? The back ones have a lot of dirt on them, thanks to winds and rain.