Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bird's Eye View

Living on the 4th floor gives you a good bird's eye view of the neighborhood.  This is what was going on today.
   Bro. Ilskov who is substituting for Allan, our engineer, replaced the window lights in the temple with LED lights, They have to be done from the outside. We are so happy as they should now last for 10 years.  Allan's wife, Amber, delivered an 8 and a half pound baby boy last week and Allan is taking the usual 2 week paternity leave.

 Bro. Ilskov used a cherry picker, but this one is being used for work on our building.  Since most of the apartment buildings are 50-100 years old, they require a lot of maintenance.  Right now they are scraping off rust on the railings and repainting.
This tour bus stopped at OUR Temple Square and we watched everyone get out and take pictures.  I assume it was a cruise group.

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