Wednesday, July 8, 2015


" Bakken, or Dyrehavsbakken as it is officially named, has been a firm favorite with the people of Copenhagen for centuries." It is the world's oldest amusement part and was founded in 1583 when a natural spring was discovered in the area and people came from the city.  Soon hawkers and entertainers showed up as well. 

  " During summertime families, young couples and seniors alike flock to the amusement park and the surrounding woodland to indulge in a day of fun. With a unique position in the middle of one of Denmark’s most beautiful woods, it is like encountering a surprise in the middle of the greenery. The park offers a prefect blend of children’s amusements, restaurants, pubs and bars with entertainment and live music. It’s is not just a small children’s amusement park but a place of leisure for the whole family. Because of its historic value and unique location, no big brands are allowed to set up stands at Bakken and neon signs are banned. Instead a jumble of colourful wooden structures, small independent shop owners and quirky stalls meets visitors." 
   Lots of restaurants, games, food places.  Entrance is free you just buy a ticket for rides.
This is the front entrance and ticket booth.

 Their famous old wooden roller coaster.  There are 7 roller coasters of various themes and sizes.

 These swings are crazy.  By manipulating the wings you can turn yourself over.
The Log Flume in the back and the Swan Ride you pedal with your feet.

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