Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Best Youth Conference Ever!

We have known for months that 60 youth were coming from the Neumunster Stake in Germany today for baptisms.  We are not ordinarily open on Tuesday, but temples are here for the people, so of course we welcomed them with open arms.  They were well organized and came in 3 groups starting at 2 pm.
   So coming from Germany to Denmark for baptisms is great, but coming by sailing ship was amazing.  Their conference theme was "Embark in the Service of God." So they actually embarked on 3 sailing ships in Germany and have sailed for three days to get here.  They leave in the morning and will another 3 days to sail back.
 "Hanging out on deck."  Great arrangements, you have your housing and food all taken care of for the week.  They docked right outside Amlieborg palace on the main harbor.  The very same place the first missionaries to Denmark docked.

Bunks in every little space.

 Cozy eating, recreation area in each ship.
 Stake President with Elder Muller one of our missionaries from the MTC.
There were three ships with about 25, including 4 crew, on each ship.  The kids were trained and did a lot of the work with the sails, cooking, even steering.  They were divided according to age and strength.  Really, such a great youth conference.

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  1. This is awesome!! Our youth in the desert will definitely never have this experience.