Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Events

Just after we arrived here we started Open Baptism time on Saturday mornings at 10.  You can just walk in and don't need to make an appointment or bring priesthood.  It has been a huge success and it is so great to see the youth come and new members with and without their missionaries.
  Today we had four different family groups come.  One came with their grandparents from Denmark and the other three were famlies on vacation from America.  I can see how the new church policy of encouraging families to come together and bring their own names will strengthen the family.  Our church leaders are so inspired!

  Once out of the temple, things are not so peaceful.  Their is a huge rock concert down under the viaduct just a half block away.  We can feel the vibrations.  Fortunately they have to stop by 11.00.
These kids were standing outside of Tiger encouraging people to come in and buy snacks to go with their 6 packs...Drinking is very open here.  It is legal at 16.

We went down today, Sunday, to see the remains....Lots of  open public facilities.....

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