Thursday, July 2, 2015

Danish Class Adventure

Sadly yesterday was our last Danish Class adventure before the group breaks up. Pam Hoge goes home in a week.  We have been planning to go to Mette's for "frokost" but needed good weather.  Yesterday was perfect, actually warm with just a nice little breeze.
 Frokost is lunch consisting of various breads and rolls with all sorts of toppings of meat and cheese, fish, eggs, etc. You can see all the possibilities for accompaniments.
 Here we are in Mette's lovely pation/backyard. But for the adventure we walked down to the lake system near the Paulsen's house and took a boat ride all around and through it.
 Big "fields" of water lillies everywhere.
 Some beautiful, expensive homes and restaurants around the lake....

 Lots of people out in canoes and kayaks and boats you could rent.

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