Thursday, July 30, 2015


Festinord is a Young Single Adult Conference for the Scandinavian Countries.  But through the years it has grown and this year there were over 700 from 20 plus countries.  It was held in the big Randers Arena and they stayed in two schools in the area.
  We were invited to do several workshops and Jim had a 15 minute devotional to help start Wednesday off.  Wednesday was also the day for the big soccer tournament, I imagine half of the kids participated in or watched.  We had 25-50 in our groups and had a good time and hopefully the youth came away with stronger testimonies and dedication to living a righteous life and enjoying the blessings of the temple.

We  enjoyed lunch with the crowd, but took these pictures on our way out and didn't wait for dinner.

 The beginning of the line.....

and it went on and on... They had all sorts of activities including dances, swimming, sports, treasure hunts, video production, institute classes, workshops etc.

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