Friday, July 17, 2015


This sculpture was originally done inside the tree. This year  they cut the old part part away and left just the part of the tree that is still alive.

Like the tree, this month  we have heard of  many major health problems.  We  have seen miracles and blessings along with the challenges.  For those of you who know the following, please keep them in your prayers.
   Sis. Karin Nilsson, one of my Assistants to the Matron, had surgery last Monday for colon cancer.  The miracle is that they made 5 small holes, took out a foot of the cancerous bowel, found no more and patched her up.  She is already eating and coming home tomorrow.  Amazing, not even major surgery.
   Lasse Toft, late 40øs, whose wife is the Primary President suffered a major stroke.  Fortunately she is as nurse and felt inspired to check on him when he went to bed tired.  He will have a long recovery, but everyone is being positive.
   Lars Lunddhal, another temple worker, discoverd a large brain tumor,  They have taken out as much as they can and will do chemotherapy.  Anna-Lena Andersen has something wrong with her blood, Bro. Grabe had a major stroke.......Our prayer rolls have been extra long...

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