Monday, November 18, 2013

A Day of MIracles

Miracle 1.  I have my purse and everything in it back!  We prayed all  weekend, and thanks to all of you who added your prayers. This morning we got a call from a woman who picked the purse up off the bus.  It had my name, my keys, and my new camera plus a couple Pass-a-Long Cards.  There was no phone number or address.  The girl called the church's translation department, I guess because of the pass-a-long card.  They called another couple to get our number.  Then she called us and told us she had it.  We took the bus and got it from her,  She was a darling young woman and we are so grateful to have everything back.  Prayers are answered here as well as for you.

Miracle 2.  
Jim performed the sealing for this darliing couple on Saturday. ( The pictures were on the lost camera.)  The miracle is that the husband, A.M. was the first baptism we attended when we came to Denmark in 2004.  He was 14, found the church at the Temple Open House, was taught by the missionaries and baptized.  He was the only member of his family and everyone worried he wouldn't hold on,  Thanks to a great ward and youth leaders here he is starting an eternal family. 

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