Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving for Seniors Couples

There is a wonderful couple in Copenhagen who invite the missionaries to their home once a month for dinner.  They have often had the young missionaries but because there are so many senior missionaries here from America  they invited all of us for a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner.  There were 14 of us including four temple couples, an office couple and two senior sisters that work in the office, and the couple over the Young Single Adult Center. 

The food was excellent and a good mix of American and Danish.  There was turkey, potatoes, brown sauce (gravy), browned potatoes ( browned in caramelized sugar), red cabbage, cranberries, and stuffing.  The stuffing was delicious and made out of pork with flour, cranberries and other interesting things.  It is cooked inside the turkey and comes out in the exact shape of the turkey cavity

This is Bro.Knudsen who cooked the meal in their tiny kitchen.  He is a magician in the kitchen.

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