Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We picked up our NEW car yesterday.  It is a diesel Opal, very roomy in the back.  It has all the bells and whistles including a GPS System.  We could get very spoiled.  There is even a place to plug in your computer and I Pad. The last presidents were local and used their own cars which meant they had to get us one to use.  We did not expect a new one, but will enjoy it as we would probably never drive a new one off the floor ourselves.

The man is explaining to Jim (in the car) how everything works.  Pres. Buur is giving support.

 The car had 350 kilometer or about 200 miles and 32.62 liters of gas which is about 7 gallons.  We put in another $70 in gas and it is barely half full.  Gas is $9-$10 a gallon here.  We will be using our bus passes a lot.  But it will he nice to have a car to go to Stake Conferences and other meetings.

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