Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Lovely Day For a Wedding

  We had a tightly scheduled  day in the temple today.  A darling woman came from Sweden.  She met the church through a friend in Mary Kay Cosmetics about 18 months ago.  The friend started talking about the gospel and she was ready to hear. She had a lovely experience for her first time at the temple and had many come from her ward in support.
   We also had a beautiful wedding.  Jolina was a part-time missionary for us when we were here before.  She later went on a mission to Utah but had to come home for health reasons.  She is now 30 and a year or so ago was talking to a friend on Facebook from Norway and asking if there was anyone he knew to line her up with.  He had an inspiration and connected her with a new convert from his area.  They communicated over the internet for a while, met, and today were married.  We are so thrilled for her.  Her sister made her beautiful dress with machine embroidery all over it.
   People wait outside our temple to welcome the happy couple, just like everywhere else.
         Note the blue hair.  We don't see the vibrant hair colors here as we did in England.


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