Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stavconference - Stake Conference

     Today was the Copenhagen Stake Conference.  I quickly took this picture as the end. There was a good crowd - back to the stage.  There is an excellent stake presidency and the audience has many young people and children. A vibrant stake.  As Jim says: "This stake could be dropped in the middle of the Salt Lake Valley and would be as good as any stake there - except for the fact that they sound different."
       Jim and I were both asked to speak.  Jim did an excellent job in Danish.  I have had several comment on how good his Danish is.  One of the little miracles in our lives - when Jim came home from Denmark he 'decided' he would try to keep it up and studied and read it daily.  Now we can see it was inspiration.
      I said a couple of sentences in Danish and then used a translator.  We talked about the temple, of course, and felt the commernts were well received. The advantage of speaking English is that everyone pays very close attention to make sure they are understanding it.

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