Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Survival

  We were on our own today - no counselors.  We had baptisms, a couple sealing, with their 3 month old daughter being sealed to them as well, and a new endowment. They were all perfect, if not smooth...
   The new endowment was the son of this couple, the Mogensens. They come from the isle of Bornholm, which is an island on the other side of the Swedish peninsula,  The mother was a Danish missionary  many years ago, came back to visit, met and married her husband, and moved to Bornholm.  They have 6 children(which she went home to Idaho each time to deliver) .  They own a chicken/egg farm with 20,000 chickens.  They are a hard-working, salt of the earth, fun family and the heart of the little Bornholm Branch. This weekend is Stake Conferences and their son talked in the Saturday night meeting tonight as Bornholm
is part of our stake.  He did a great job and will be a good missionary.  They were going to take the 6 hour night ferry back tonight but it has been cancelled because of high waves.  Arn't lives interesting different?

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