Sunday, November 3, 2013


  We realized the night we came, that food was an immediate problem.  Fortunately we have a store right around the corner.  It is called Aldi and is a poor brother of the Netto for those of you who shopped with us here before.  There are some lovely Aldis in the world, the one next to us is not one of them.  However, another half block away is a Super Best which does have most things, including Danish Pastries.  We had omelets the first night.  They will definitely become a quick staple..


  I made Jane Nelson's All American Soup on Thursday night and it was delicious when we came  home from the temple at 9 and 10 pm.  These are the 'cans' of tomatoes I found.  They are boxes and actually the product was very good.  Shopping is an adventure, first trying to locate what you need, and then figuring out what the package says.  Fortunately I can remember some of the Danish names.  I bought hvedemel (white flour) letmaelk(1% milk),  persille (parsley) and laur erblade (bay leaves) among other things,
   Notice our cute little kitchen table that can be folded down against the wall if needed.

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