Saturday, June 27, 2015


Two cousins came from Sweden today to do the work for their grandfather.  They were so excited.  One's husband acted as proxy while he did the baptism, confirmation, initiatoy, session and finally at the end of the day they had him sealed to his wife.  It was a very sweet day for them.
  After the temple we went to Josh and Elise Nørrung's wedding reception.  She is from Canada and he met her when he went to visit his parents who moved there recently.  The reception was very similar to those in the US.  Tonigh they will have the real family dinner and wedding celebration lasting until late into the evening.  We were happy to just go to the reception....

 plus sandwiches, chips and dip and vegetables and dip....
Super cake: marzipan icing over  cream filled cake layers.

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