Sunday, June 21, 2015

Maglegårds Alle Chapel

Jim and I spoke in the Gladsaxe 2 Ward today.  They are back in their remodeled building and it is so nice. The Maglegårds Alle Chapel property was bought  the same time Jim was here as a young missionary, but not completed until the early 70's. It was built under the 80 - 20 plan by building missionaries.  It has been closed for a year and all of the original mistakes have been corrected.  Every available space, including the kitchen has white boards so the areas can be used for instruction.
The entry and chapel look much the same, just updated with new paint, tile, carpet etc.
 The major addition is this vestibule, stairway and elevator added to the back of the building.
The basement has had a dramatic overhaul.
 This was a very dark little hall.
All the rooms in the basement now have windows that look out with direct light and doors.
 The big funeral door from the chapel makes it very convenient to check on the baby sleeping outside.
An added advantage  is that the bishop sitting on the stand can see everyone as they come in ..late.
The Copenhagen Stake missionaries, half are sisters.

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