Thursday, June 25, 2015

Graduation Time

Graduation from gymnasium is a big deal in Denmark.  Gymnasium seems to be high school and junior college. You are usually 18 or older when you graduate and then go on to university.  Each school has their own cap that the graduates wear for the week.  They also go around on trucks, making noise and drinking.  You can drink here when you are 16.
 I tried to take pictures of the hats without being too noticeable...

 But I finally just asked to take a picture and they were pleased to cooperate.  This cute girl wanted her sister in it and told me she has a cousin in America graduating today as well.   The darling father asked if I belonged "to the church back there."  I assumed he was talking about the temple.  He said he delivered  many roles of carpet there free, because he loves God.  He was so sincere and open, I found it very touching and realized again how many good people there are in the world who know and love God. (Of course I gave him a pass-a-long card...)

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