Monday, June 1, 2015

New Starts

Today Jim and I had to go downtown and renew our Opholdstilladelses or permission to remain in Denmark.  In the past ,we have gone before they opened and waited outside for 45 minutes, so we could be first in line.  Today we went midmorning and were through in an hour.  If we only get the permission for a year we will do the same thing next year.  Hopefully they will give it to us for 18 months....
   We rode the bus both ways.  This was a unique bus with plenty of room for bikes and buggies.
I also planted my tomato plants that I have grown from seed. I have never done this before and it has been so fun to follow their progress and see how quickly they have grown.  I have shared them with the other missionary couples and my neighbors. A good return on my 20 Kroner.


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