Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Clip Cards and Visiting Teaching

 The transportation system in Copenhagen has changed and they no longer use clip cards for the buses and trains.  Instead you put money on a card and it is scanned or you use your credit card somehow.  Here is where it is nice to be a senior citizen.
  Today was the last day to use the old clip cards and Elisa Pollard, whom I visit teach, had a bunch of clips left so we went out on the trains and buses for the day.
  She took me to this darling little street, Amagergade, where a Danish sitcom was filmed in the 1980's.

We walked a couple kilometers and asked four people before we found this apartment building where a friend who has moved to the states lived and wanted a memory picture......
and we  rode out to Frederikssund, the end of one of the lines.

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