Sunday, June 7, 2015

Regional Conference

Today we attended a broadcast for the North Europe Regional Conference.  It originated in Edinburgh Scotland with Elder Holland. It went out to the British Isles, Iceland, and all of Scandinavia.  All of the talks were fabulous, really one of the best conferences I have attended.
Basically the subjects covered were how to be safe in these times and help others do the same.
 Two thoughts to ponder: when our children and grandchildren look into our eyes, they need to see our faith in Jesus Christ and know that everything will be alright through Him.
  Sis. Teixeira said their family has a rule that children, when outside the house, have to hold to someone's hand.  A clever little granddaughter said, "I can hold my own hand."  She compared this to keeping the Sabbath Day as a day to connect with Heaven.  Are we holding our own hand instead of God's?
 Elder Holland's talk was marvelous on The Book of Mormon.  I have never heard such a powerful testimony and covering of everything having to do with the book.

The English section was full as was those hearing the  Danish translation in the Chapel.  A great turnout..

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