Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dubrovnik, Croatia

We are now back from our wonderful cruise, but I will post some highlight photos of each place we visited and add the day's doings at the bottom or vice versa.

  We didn't buy any tours through the cruise line and ended up with some good deals, plus feeling very adventuresome and saving money.  In Dubrovnik, we hired a taxi for 50 Euro who took us for an hour up to the top of the mountain where the cable cars ran, plus stopped at several other outlooks.  It was well worth it for the three of us.
  Old Dubrovnik surrounded by 1 kilometer of walls.

 If you look closely you can see a little village in the mountains  in Herzegovina - Bosnia only about 5 kilometers away.
 This is a resort just outside of Dubrovnik, note the rows of white lounge chairs lined up.

Inside the old city/
 Mounds of wonderful ice cream!
 Deb and I walked the walls around the city, great fun until it started to rain three-fourths of the way.

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