Sunday, October 30, 2016

Twice Blessed

For our last Sunday we visited both of our "heart" wards.  We have spent half of our time here in each and love the members in both.  We went to Sacrament Meeting in Frederiksberg and the Combined Relief Society and Priesthood in Gladsaxe 2.  It was good to say good-by to a few we had missed earlier.  Since it is Stake Conference here next week it was Fast and Testimony Meeting and I managed a few Danish words.  It's a good thing people listen with their hearts and The Spirit.

We met Elder Adams, the grandson of Diane Johnson one of our friends in Holladay.  He is darling and a super missionary.
And we stopped to say good-bye to Ruth Hammerlund, one of our dear, dear friends who joined the church when we were here 10 years ago.


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  1. Tusind Tak, Janet for being so faithful in keeping up your blog. I check it every day. You have helped me stay in touch with people and places I love in Denmark from the comfort of my own home. You and Jim have been left a valuable influence in Denmark and blessed many lives. They will miss you greatly and I will miss seeing your pictures with captions. Wishing you a safe trip home. You deserve a rest. But I expect to see you from time to time in the Salt Lake Temple. Med kærlige hilsen, Karen Pedersen