Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Beginning of the End

Today was full of "last" things.  We said good-bye to many of our dear Swedish friends from Helsingborg.  We attended our last High Priest Social in the Frederiksberg Ward. And I'm seeing all sorts of things for the last time, as I have been sorting and discarding in preparation for the movers to come on Monday.  "Lasts" are not my favorite...
The three singles sisters in the High Priest group put on the party.  Caroll Klestrup arranged a fun game around the Articles of Faith, Tina Paulsen and Karen Petersen also helped with the evening.

Anne-Birthe Krostrup, on the left here, reported on her Family History Mission to Salt Lake.  She loved it and  the wonderful people from all over the world she served with.

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