Friday, October 28, 2016

What A Day This Has Been!

In farewell, the stake encouraged people to fill the temple all day today.  It was a wonderful and we were full in all areas most of the day.  It was pretty tender to say good-bye to many of these dear people.
To top it all off, they had a reception at the Nitivej Church after our last session at 9 pm for us, the Nilssons and Buurs.

 We were overwhelmed with the fabulous array of gifts they had prepared for each of us.  I get teary just thinking of their kindness.
 Mette and Jesper Paulsen were a big hand in organizing it, but a huge thanks to all of our dear, dear friends here.  We will surely miss them, but look forward to meeting again, if not here, on The Other Side.

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