Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Last Dinner

Else  and Erling Knudsen have the missionaries every month to dinner.  They used to have both the young and couple missionaries together.  But there are too many couples. So now they do it twice in the month.  Since today was our last dinner with them, they checked to see what we wanted.  Jim didn't care about anything but the dessert.  So we had roasted venison with regular potatoes and sauce plus little browned potatoes (browned in butter and sugar) and Waldorf Salad. As always, delicious.

It is amazing how they can make room for so many people. Tonight there were 21. It was also the Ottleys (sitting next to us) last time.  They go home November 8.  They have been serving in records preservation
 Dessert was Citron Fromage.  Eryling made Jim his own bowl....which we all shared.  The blue whipped creme really livened it up, even if it still tasted the same.

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