Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ahaaa Burgers

The Hansens were in the mood for a hamburger after getting recommendations from Sis. Hamblin, one of the office missionaries, who works in the temple on Saturday.  I had offered to go to Tivoli and get some of the Swedish Records Preservation Missionaries in free on my gold card. So we all took the bus downtown.  We looked at Hard Rock Cafe, too noisy and expensive.  So we opted for the Ahaa Burger shop.  Everything had a spicy bite to it, which isn't my thing. So I traded my Ahaa burger, which looked great, was 6 inches high, and included a fried egg, for Jim's Swarma.  We were both happy.  A good reason to always order something different than your spouse.
 The french fries were sprinkled with dill...Let's say it was an adventure.
The daffodils were everywhere and just coming into full bloom.

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