Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Queen's Birthday

Mette had a surprise field trip today...going to see the Queen on her birthday.  She turned 75 and there as been a week long celebration as she has gone throughout the country.  She appeared on the balcony today at noon and we were there....along with several thousands of her closest friends.

Looking at the picture: on the left is Crown Prince Frederik and Mary and their 4 children.  The Queen is in the middle, her husband was in bed with the flu, and to the right is Prince Joachim and his second wife and 4 children.
Here they all are together on the second appearance.
In the palace to the right were the royalty from (left ) Sweden, Center the queen's sisters and the ex-king of Greece who is married to one of them and to the right the royalty from Norway.

Mette even brought flags for us to wave.

 Many children were brought by their teachers and lots of babies, also brought by their care-givers.
Such a fun cultural experience.

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  1. This is awesome. I actually think it looks glamorous to have a queen (or maybe to the queen). Such an awesome experience.