Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Family History

After line-dancing, I stayed at the family history center at the church just to check one name I had a question about.  Three hours later I came away with these four children that need to be added to their parents.  It was fabulous to have Inge Østrup sit right next to me and look up everything in the Danish Archives and Danish Church books. I just mentioned a place and she was immediately looking through baptism and christening records for that area.  My Tree also had suggestions to records that had been indexed with the names I was working with.  Three turned out to be mine and three weren't in my line.  It was amazing to be able to go to the original records.  Thanks to all you who index!

 Inge also found this census which includes another brother and his family.  One brother was Christen and he married Else Marie Nielsdatter.  Another brother was named Christian and he married Else Marie Pedersdatter.  There are so many of the same names.  I wonder if it was like Iceland and the government controlled what names you could use.

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