Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mette's Father

This week the Coordinators are training in the preparation meetings.  Mette Paulsen is our coordinator on Thursday.  Today she talked about the names we do work for are real people.  As an example she told us about her father.  Mette never knew her father.  Her mother didn't want there to be a relationship and the husband's second family was against it.
  About the time Metter turned 50 she got a desire to know more about her father.  She called the state archives to see if they could help locate him, only to find out he had died almost the exact time she started thinking about him.
   A couple weeks later she met a family from Greenland at church, They weren't members but had brought the family their child lived with as an exchange student in Manti to church since they were visiting Denmark. In their conversation Mette found out this was a first cousin who didn't even know Mette existed. She told Mette all about her father. They exchanged nunbers and Mette now has thousands of names from her father's side because of a book the cousin told her about. It has been a sweet testimony to Mette of her father's love from the other side.

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