Friday, April 17, 2015

Further Friday Fare

A little more on our visit to see the Queen.  We parked by these great old barricks that have been here from the 1700s.  People still live in them.  You can imagine they are very small and are now on the historical register so only certain changes can be made.  Fortunately it includes adding a bathroom.
 The streets are all named for animals.  Can you guess the name of this street?
We had a good Friday at the temple.  A sweet sister, originally from Greenland ,was brought by the Blackhams, a missionary couple  up in Frederikhavns to receive her endowments.  They also brought a darling little sister who came for the first time in December.  They are doing such a good job.  He is from Moroni, right next to Ephraim.  The YSA came for baptisms, our old temple engineer who quit because of a bad back came to the temple for the first time since he left, and there were several excellent young couples who chose to spend their Friday date night at the temple.

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