Sunday, April 26, 2015

Odense Visit

We were invited to speak in the Odense First Ward this morning so left home just before 8 a,m,  I spoke in Danish and Jim did a wonderful job of filling up the last 30 minutes in amazing, fluent Danish.  We were both blessed and hopefully some were inspired about planning to attend the temple more regularly and participate in the blessings available there.
 They have a very nice building in Odense which houses two wards and the YSA Center.

Afterward we were invited to dinner by the Balazs'  Jim has previously visited Sis.Balazs about her health.  She has a problem he used to deal with.  They have been so kind to us ever since.  Elsa broke her leg several weeks ago and is in an extended care facility while healing..  We stopped to visit her and she presented us with this wonderful little statue of Hans Christian Andersen. 
Kurt is her oldest son. 
Chalotte is Else's only daughter and these are her two darling daughters: Charline and Celiche.  Afterward we had a lovely dinner with them and Kurt. Charlotte works for Lego and was able to answer all sorts of fun questions about the company.

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